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  1. The Controller
    1. Director
    2. Overlay
    3. iRacing
    4. Editor
  2. Miscellaneous

Special thanks to friends and fellow iRacers for helping motivate me to build this app and bring it to the awesome state it is in now: David Tucker, Philippe RICHARD, Shuji Aratani, Jordi Koller, Adrian Clark, Rowly Wallbank, Ricky Thompson, Max Bryant, Kyle Stevens, Jeffrey Marble, Stephen Maxwell, and Jay Freels.

There is absolutely no charge, and there will never be, for using iRacing-TV. This is simply a fun hobby project for me. Now that said, if you would like to show your appreciation, you can send me iRacing dollars using this link - Purchase iRacing Dollars - just make sure you click on “Gift iRacing Dollars”. Search by name for “Marvin Herbold”. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have already contributed to my iRacing addiction!

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